Daybook Smartpen
UI/UX Design
 — Work in Progres

By providing a unique tactile approach to a digital product in the psychotherapy world, DayBook Pen allows users to experience the delight of handwritten journaling, while enjoying the luxury of in-app tracking of their health.

In 2019, people are more disconnected than ever to their thoughts and senses. We are constantly wired into something digital that moves us away from our organic self. The mission of DayBook Pen is to bring back a rewarding sense of connection to our inner selves through handwritten notes and meditative music.

As advanced technologies improve and extend into multiple areas of our lives, we need to think more carefully about what it means to be human. At DayBook, we want users to feel and see progress, and to activate their senses to overcome.

Sketch, Figma
User Flows | UI Library 

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New York, NY