Integral Theory 
In the third installment of Architectural Review’s campaign, Peter Buchanan introduces Integral Theory, which establishes a new framework for the design of twenty-first century buildings and cities.

Prominent architect, James Wines, has been considered an Integral thinker due to his inclusivity of multiple viewpoints within his work since the 1970s. This book is meant to bring to light Wines’ thoughts on integral theory and the information behind this new and complex notion. 

80+ Page Booklet 
Adobe InDesign
Typography III 
Prof. Eric Wrenn
Pratt Institute

Photographs of the 80+ page booklet I designed, using the perfect-bound binding method. 

Integral theory is a school of philosophy that seeks to integrate all of human wisdom into a new, emergent worldview that is able to accommodate the gifts of all previous worldviews, including those which have been historically at odds: science and religion, Eastern and Western schools of thought, and pre-modern, modern and post-modern worldviews.
Interview with James Wines:
"The Point is to Attack Architecture!"

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