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App Experience


Visual Design, Motion, Prototyping

Founded in 1863, Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City is the oldest orthopaedic hospital in the United States and is consistently ranked as the top in the world.

In close collaboration with the HSS Digital, IT, Marketing, Analytics, and Clinical teams, AKQA designed and developed the MyHSS app, the digital platform available to all patients receiving care at HSS.

Built on top of the industry-standard patient-care SDK Epic MyChart, the MyHSS app allows patients to manage appointments, view and contact care teams, and track postoperative pain levels.

Within the MyHSS app, My CareGuide, provides customised content and activities for personalised care leading up to and after surgery. Content and care recommendations change dynamically based on the surgery, and doctors can further personalise the experience as needed for each individual.


Since launch, doctors continue to see increased engagement with My CareGuide, helping patients feel more connected to procedures and resulting in better overall surgical outcomes.

Patients reviewed the app: “HSS APP is very easy to use and efficient. It made getting my new patient information updated simple. Even linking my scans and reports from another hospital were easy.”


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