Hi, I'm Kristina.

Visual designer working to create digital experiences that are good for people and the planet. Currently contributing at AKQA

Selected Works – 2023

Sunrun x Ford

Responsive UI Design

Sunrun and Ford have teamed up to develop the Home Integration System that enables the truck to power your home, and to install the full suite of products for the F-150® Lightning™.


Responsive UI Design • Design System

Sunrun is the largest residential solar and renewable energy company in America leading a radical transformation in the way energy is generated and consumed.

Gut Response Intuition Training Center 

Speculative Design • Research • Spacial Design 

Project was done in tandem with Design+Science Summer school and is meant to prompt research on the topic of Paraintelligence. Para-intelligence refers to a type of intelligence that exists beyond what is traditionally recognized as intelligence, including notions such as intuition, creativity, and emotional intelligence that are often overlooked in traditional definitions of intelligence.


Responsive UI Design • Design System

Founded in 1863, Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City is the oldest orthopaedic hospital in the United States and is consistently ranked as the top in the world.

Today at Apple

Responsive UI Design 

Today at Apple offers free sessions that inspire hands-on creativity in photography, art, music, and more. 

Integral Theory 

Book Design • Research • Editorial Design

In the third installment of Architectural Review’s campaign, Peter Buchanan introduces Integral Theory, which establishes a new framework for the design of twenty-first century buildings and cities.

The DayPen

3D Design • App Design • Editorial Design

The Day Pen is a combination of technologies that present a unique tactile approach to a digital product in the psychotherapy world.

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